24 July 2013

Interview: P.Kid Chicks

Hi everyone! I have a brand new interview for you guys. This one has been soooo exciting the interviewees are California sisters Stephanie and Nicole who run the blog  P.Kid Chicks. I first came across the sisters on Instagram when they followed me, when I followed the link to their blog I just had to interview them! They are sooo beautiful and creative and such awesome women of God trying to show their faith through fashion!!!!...

What inspired you to start your blog?
"We've always realized that modesty is important and something about our lives we wanted to represent. We liked cute clothes, shoes and anything that had to do with fashion. Once we continued shopping we thought why not share our style with the world and in the same way share our faith through our fashion and now it's going to the next level where we will soon be selling Clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. We can't be more excited to share our taste in fashion with the world!

What's your favorite place to shop?
 Nicole - "Forever 21, they always have something new and a lot of modest clothing."
Stephanie - "Bebe, I feel like my taste represents every modest piece in that store."

Favorite garment in your closet?
Nicole - "My peach chiffon dress. The color fit and flow of the dress is really complimenting."

Stephanie - "My black leather spiked shoulder motorcycle jacket has to be one of my favorite pieces. It fits as if it were tailored to me and surprisingly wasn't even expensive. It looks high end and only cost me $29.90 at Forever 21. I love the look, fit, and the price!"

Favorites thing about being a P.K? 
Nicole- "Being able to meet new people and seeing how youth in my church grow spiritually and watch people continue to get closer to God."

Stephanie- "My favorite thing about being a Pk is how involved my whole family is. We all work together for the same purpose and support each other in our walk with God. As a PK there is a bit of more demand on our end to meet expectations but living each day representing a living God is truly an honor."

Favorite thing about being a modesty blogger? 
Nicole- "Being able to inspire girls to realize that they don't have to show skin to attract people. Modesty is something that can be achieved meanwhile still looking cute."

Stephanie- "I love that we can share our lives and experiences. We don't just share what we wear but include random moments and places we visit. We're normal girls like any other with the twist that we walk with Christ and try to be better followers of his everyday. We get to leave a little something behind and hopefully inspire other girls to dress for The Lord as well!

Favorite outfit you've ever posted? 
Stephanie- "I'd have to say one of my most recent ones. I have this white pencil skirt with a black and white satin dove button up shirt. I like to play with a lot of black and white and add a slight variation of color and I was really happy with the way this looked!"

Nicole-"My peach accordion pleated dress with my white cardigan and gold belt! I love how it looks."

Favorite quote? 
Stephanie- I love how this reminds me about how little control I have. It truly is wonderful to surrender all to God "Man has his will but God will always have his way." - unknown

Nicole- "Work like you dont need money love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one is watching."  Is my favorite quote, even though we don't dance it's just a cute and inspiring quote that reminds me to live day by day and not care what people think and just live life no matter what!"

Favorite Song? 
Stephanie - "Here in this moment by Beckah Shae. I love the truthful meaning of how this song reflects in my life."

Nicole-"Dead come to life by Jonathan Thulin. Love that song!"

Favorite food?
Stephanie- "Steak and lobster! I might be a size 2 but there a big appetite inside my tiny body." Lol

Nicole- "Tai food! Definitely Tai!"

Favorite place to eat? 
Stephanie-"Universally Joe's Crab Shack. I'm a seafood kinda girl. Fast food wise Popeyes chicken. I'm getting hungry now!"

Nicole- "This little Tai restaurant who's name I can't remember lol in Tai Town, Hollywood, Ca"

Favorite Scripture 
Stephanie- "As predictable as it sounds Phillipians 4:13. Why? I honestly tell myself this everyday. There's moments where I get very overwhelmed. I'm a busy girl with a busy schedule. I literally have a million different things going on. From school, my career (work), to a music ministry, youth ministry a blog and a fashion line were planning to open. It gets crazy! Not to mention family, my husband and daughter. So when I can't go on or I feel super exhausted I whisper Philippians 4:13 to myself. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Suddenly energy comes to me by the grace of God and I'm still going!"

Nicole- "My favorite scripture is Phillipians 4:13 because it's a simple verse but yet soo powerful and I always say it when I'm afraid or nervous or if I'm just feeling weak and need a little extra push. It reminds me that God is always there by my side and that he'll never leave me alone."

How would you describe your style?
 Nicole- "Simple with an elegant essence. I like soft flow filled fabrics with beautiful colors and patterns. Mixing simple outfits and adding accessories to make them look more stylish is fun! Comfort is key though. It has to comfortable or I won't wear it."

Stephanie- "I would describe my style as edgy chic meets Betsy Johnson with a modest twist! I love color, new random things and trying weird outfits that look good! I'm not afraid to look different and be a little too... bright. I just like changing it up from my bohemian looks to my spiky leather jacket and crazy colors. Fashion doesn't judge, you just wear something and it becomes fashion!"

Parting words...
We would like to put an emphasis on how much of an impact we can make with Gods help. Our purpose here on earth for PK's and non PK's is not just praise and worship our God but spread His message as well! We hope to encourage everyone to be motivated individuals and realize that there is so much opportunity for various ministries. God has beautiful plans for our lives but it's up to us to follow them. We need to be motivated, involved, and active in our youth ministries and church. Forget the world and just take a leap of faith into the unknown knowing that God will guide us. We were designed for greatness so lets be great together PK's and Pentecostal Kids as well! Unity is key. It's not about how much better a church is than another. There is no competition in Christianity. We're all in the same race and the beautiful thing is that more than one person can win the gold! Something I wish for all of you! God bless keep strong and spread your faith through fashion, sports, music, whatever you want. The possibilities are limitless just like our God!

For our fashion lovers...
Dressing modest for our God and showing our faith through this is a blessing! There is so much of our culture that is over sexualized and although we see how "beautiful" worldy fashion can come to be with make-up and jewelry, the sacrifice to do something for God and the blessings that come from him are so worth it! One of the best decisions I ever made was to dress like a modest woman for The Lord! Although difficult at first I love representing my faith, my beliefs, my God! You can look cute and be modest! Imagine that! We can be fashion statements for The Lord! I love that and we'll continue to share our faith and fashion with all of you for years to come!
Thank you Stephanie and Nicole for an amazing interview it was great!
Everyone go and visit their blog you wont regret it :)

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  1. Aw this interview was amazing so fun will definately be checking out their blog such a lovely post and im grandy by the way the girl that goes to your aunty winn's blog your blog is really lovely xo


    1. Thanks so much! Nice to meet you Grandy you're so sweet Do you mean my Auntys church? and i'll check out your blog as well

  2. Aw we still remember this and brings a tear :)
    Thank you for always being so kind and supportive! Keep on blogging and doing what your doing! <3